For a discussion of the primary and secondary sources on Alexander (along with Philip II and this period), giving full bibliography of modern works on the relationship of the two as well as on individual authors, see Ian Worthington, By the Spear. Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Rise and Fall of the Macedonian Empire (Oxford University Press 2014), pp. 311-319. On Ptolemy’s History, with new insights, see Worthington, Ptolemy I: King and Pharaoh of Egypt (Oxford University Press 2016), pp. 213-219. A goodly number of the (now fragmentary) primary sources is translated in Worthington (ed.), Alexander the Great: A Reader, 2nd ed. (London: 2011). This book also includes a selection of important essays and parts of books by different scholars on various aspects of Alexander’s life and reign keyed to the sources, and so is an indispensable teaching resource.