The Macquarie University TeX Users group is for all students, staff, researchers, and interested folk wanting to learn, enjoy, and help others with publishing documents. We help people at MQ to publish professional and academic assignments, documents, and journal articles. We explore the technologies of Markdown, LaTeX , Overleaf, ConTeXt, and Pandoc.

Everyone is welcome, from people with no prior knowledge to experts.

Our Next Meeting:

Our default meeting agenda is:

  1. Showing off our recent TeX awesomeness.
  2. A practical and hands-on demonstration of a TeXnique.
  3. Help, brainstorming, advice, and troubleshooting of TeX.

Our next meeting will be at: 11:00 AM -12:30 PM on 12 October, Australian Hearing Hub, Level 2, Room 2.605.

In this meeting we will explore how to use the MQ Slide theme to typeset our slides.

Join us on Slack. Ask Brian for an invite, or if you have an MQ email address you can join the slack directly.


Resources the group has developed: